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Our Philosophy, Mission, Goals, and Theme

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Phillips Preparatory School believes in educating the student to his/her highest level of individual ability through a diversified advanced curriculum.  The curriculum provides experiences for academic exploration, extension, and mastery of core subjects with emphasis placed on broad based enrichment opportunities.


The educational program for the student is a comprehensive process in a disciplined environment that fosters motivation, achievement, and emphasizes pride in accomplishment.  The program is designed to significantly challenge the student to be creative, self-confident, independent in action, constructively critical in thought, and effective in communication.  Each Phillips Preparatory student will develop appropriate skills to be successful academically, socially, and culturally in our democratic society.




The mission of Phillips Preparatory School is to produce self-directed, goal-oriented, technologically literate, well-adjusted individuals, both physically and mentally, who have a positive direction in life.




Phillips Preparatory School will foster an environment that will afford each student the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, strategies, and skills needed to become a lifelong learner.  This school will encourage the student to develop thinking skills; to acquire skills for obtaining, organizing, and using knowledge; and to expand the skills for working cooperatively and getting along with others.


A structured, instructional program will be provided to meet the present and future needs of the student in the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains.  Learning experiences will be included to:

---Achieve mastery in language arts, foreign language, physical education, mathematics, science, and social studies in an organized, disciplined, and systematic teaching/learning environment.

---Provide an environment for learning that stress self-disciplines, order, respect for authority, and motivation to achieve.

---Help in the achievement of self-reliance and self-esteem through academic accomplishment, believing that accomplishment grows from the active and disciplined use of intellect.

---Develop intellectual curiosity, problem solving, and reasoning skills.

---Appreciate neatness, promptness, and accuracy for quality production and performance.

---Provide instruction and guidance for responsible citizenship.




The theme of Phillips Preparatory School is a traditional advance academic concept with an advanced core curriculum.  Elements of the program include the following:

---Voluntary attendance

---A written parent contract and statement of commitment

---Parent involvement in the program

---Multi-cultural environment

---A well-defined discipline policy

---A strict dress code

---Emphasis on advance curriculum to include mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, physical education, foreign languages, and electives (art, band, business education, chorus, speech/drama, journalism)

---Emphasis on character and citizenship education

---Quiet, orderly, business-like environment

---Promotion upon mastery of grade level objectives & standards (school, county, state, national)

---Regular homework

---No interruptions during the normal school day

---Limited activities and special programs that would remove a student from his or her normal class activities




Activity Fees & Check Payments

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Activity fees for the 2015-16 school year are $35 per student.  The fee includes lphysical education locker, instructional materials, computer maintenance, first aid, postage, foreign language and guidance.  This fee DOES NOT include laboratory fees, supplies/materials needed in some courses (workbooks, subscriptions, novels, etc.), or school supplies.  Fees are to be paid by cash, money order, or cashier’s check.  Payments in cash are preferred.




Whenever payments are made by check during the school year, separate checks must be written for exact amounts for each item purchased (often purchases are from different departments or accounts and need to be recorded separately).  Each check MUST include the following information in the upper left corner:  parent's name, address, home & work phone numbers, driver's license number.  Please write the student's name, homeroom number, and item purchased in the "FOR" line in the lower left corner of the check.




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Transportation to Phillips Preparatory School is provided by the Mobile County Public School System.  Bus pick-up sites for magnet schools are centralized.  See the MCPSS transportation link at the bottom of this page for the Magnet School Bus Routes for 2006-2007.  PPS’s assistant principal can also answer questions about transportation and bus routes. 


ARRIVAL: Buses will unload students in the front of the school each morning.  Those students arriving by car will unload in lanes in the parking lot area adjacent to the gym.  After all buses have departed from PPS, cars may enter the main driveway and students may unload at the curb in front of the school building.


DISMISSAL:  Buses will load in front of the school each afternoon.  Those students riding in a car will load in lanes in the parking lot area adjacent to the gym.  After all buses have departed from PPS, cars may enter the main driveway and students may load at the curb in front of the school building.  After 2:45 PM all students still waiting near the parking lot area adjacent to the gym will be asked to wait for pick-up at the front of the school building.


MCPSS Magnet School Bus Route Information


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Meaningful and realistic homework will be assigned Monday through Friday on the average of 20 minutes for each academic subject.  On occasion, special assignments may vary from this time-frame guideline.  Homework is designed to provide necessary reinforcement for concepts and skills taught during the school day.  It is not given to introduce new materials.  Both short-term and long-range assignments may be given.  Enrichment assignments are tailored to the individual child and may be given when the teacher feels it is appropriate for the student.


The main value of homework, in addition to reinforcement, is the experience it gives the student to work on his/her own.  Therefore, students are expected to do homework independently.  Taking the assignment home, completing the work, and remembering to bring the work in, are all important process in developing responsibility.  Homework is a part of the student’s total education process and his/her commitment to the school program.  All work must turned in on or before the due date.

MCPSS Student Handbook & Code of Conduct

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Mobile County Student Handbook & Code of Conduct (updated 2009-2010)

Phillips Preparatory School 2015-2016 Student Handbook

Phillips Preparatory School 2015-2016 Student Handbook

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