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Keyboarding Practice for PPS Students!
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Saturday, June 11, 2016
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Find Fun Ways to Work on Your Typing Skills!

Work on Your Keyboarding Skills 

PPS students are encouraged to spend a minimum of one hour per week throughout the summer practicing the proper keyboarding techniques. During each practice session, students should focus primarily on improving their accuracy, and then they should concentrate on their speed. Students may use the games and websites listed below. Using the "Summer Typing Log," students must keep a record of their practice time, and parents must sign the log after each practice session. For additional copies of the "Summer Typing Log," visit the FORMS section of this website. Have fun while learning to type faster and more accurately!

Sites for Practicing Keyboarding Skills 

TECHNOLOGY CAMP - Days 1 and 2

Home Row Words –

Dance Mat Typing –


Kayak Race –


Space Game – 


Typing Race 

General Keyboard Games 1 –

General Keyboard Games 2 –


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