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Phillips Preparatory School Traffic Guidelines 2017-2018
Posted On:
Monday, August 14, 2017
Traffic Guidelines
Traffic Guidelines


School Traffic Guidelines



The Phillips Preparatory administrators and faculty members work diligently to ensure the safety of students and provide for the orderly flow of traffic. Sometimes, parents may be asked to pull-up, unload, park, or exit in a direction that is not their preference. Please follow all directions and trust the director of traffic to do what is best for everyone. Approximately 200 cars flow through campus every morning and afternoon. Our goal is to get everyone on and off campus as quickly as possible without accident or injury.



Supervision for morning drop-offs in front of the school begins at 6:45 AM for those who need to arrive at school early. There is no supervision prior to that time. Please do not jeopardize your child’s safety and drop him/her off before the designated time of 6:45.

      There is no supervision in the parking lot next to the gym until 7:00 AM. If dropping off students before that time, parents are encouraged to drive to the front of the school and drop off students.



1.      Please make every effort to have your child ready to get out of the car as soon as you come to a full stop. Do not walk students in. If you need to come in to see the nurse, park in the lot and walk to the office.

2.     Wait your turn. Do not unload students until you have pulled up as far as possible.

3.     Do NOT pull in front of the school for drop-off if the buses are unloading students. No cars are allowed in the front while buses are unloading unless INSTRUCTED to do so by the person on duty in that area. Parents should use the drop lanes in the west parking lot (next to the gym).

4.     Watch out for the other guy! Watch for students crossing traffic in the unloading areas.

5.      Be PATIENT! If the car in front of you is taking longer than you think they should, DO NOT JUMP LANES OR BACK UP. Remain where you are and those directing traffic will get things moving as quickly as possible.


1.      Carpool students should wait on the sidewalks at the west campus parking area (near the gym) or in front of the school. Make carpool pick-up arrangements prior to 2:30 p.m. so that students know whether to meet parents on the side or in front of the school. Do not rely on phone calls back & forth while in line (Cell phones are not allowed to be used on campus until 3:00). Students waiting on the side who are not picked up by the time that parking area clears at approximately 2:40 will be moved to the front.

2.      After buses leave, cars are moved into three lanes at the front of the school. Once put in a lane, please remain in that lane until you exit. Please have a conversation with your child about being alert and watching for his/her ride. Carpool traffic moves more smoothly when students respond promptly to the arrival of their transportation.

3.      Name placards of students should be easily visible in the front windshield of cars in carpool line. If you do not have a name placard or need more than one, please make one, using dark, bold print that can be easily read.  We suggest clipping it to a pants hanger that you can keep in your car and then hang from your rearview mirror as you drive through the carpool line.

4.      If you do not have a visible placard and/or if your child is not paying attention and all cars are loaded, you will have to circle back through the car line.  Every car rider should have a name placard. We will no longer walk over to cars to try and find out who the student is that you are picking up. 

5.      Students should listen for their names to be called.

6.      Parents should please stay off of cell phones while in carpool line.

7.      Leave crosswalks clear when waiting in line for buses to move. Students use these to pass through stopped traffic to go to their cars in the parking lot or to the crossing guard at Sidney Phillips Drive.

8.      For the safety of our students and faculty, please move through the carpool line with your full attention, watching for students passing through lines of traffic at the crosswalks. Please maintain a safe, reasonable speed as you enter and exit our campus.



1.     All students should cross the street in the areas where the crossing guards or the teachers on duty can assist them in crossing safely.

2.     Parents should not insist on their children crossing the street to wait at various businesses’ parking lots just to avoid carpool line. The business owners DO NOT want the students “hanging out” in their parking lot interfering with their patrons coming in for business. The business owners’ attorney has reiterated the same concern. Not only is it interfering with their business, it is also jeopardizing the students’ safety because they are unsupervised.


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