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Congratulations Science Fair Winners
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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Congratulations to the following students who were chosen to represent Phillips at the Mobile County Science Fair to be held at Clark Magnet School on Friday, February 9th. They will also be representing Phillips at the Mobile Regional Science Fair on Friday, March 16th.  We are very proud of the work these students did in completing these projects.  All of our students did a great job, which made it very difficult for our judges and your teachers to narrow down almost 900 projects to the best 18 to represent our school at the Mobile County Science Fair.  Great job everyone! And a very special congratulations to the top 18 for this year!


1.       William Stoll

2.       Ella Fletcher

3.       Jennifer Ellzey

4.       Alex Shelley-Tremblay

5.       Kellen Lincoln

6.       Jacob Auld

7.       Robert Carlisle

8.       Riley Martin

9.       Sophie Glass

10.   Elizabeth Hicks

11.   Matthew Alexander

12.   Shahir Latif

13.   Marlan Zha

14.   Heath Palle

15.   Lydia Burnham

16.   Ryan Hunter

17.   Victoria Fernandez

18.   Thomas Carmichael



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