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2018 Mobile County National History Day Winners
Posted On:
Monday, March 05, 2018
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PPS had 16 of the 24 total winners!

2018 Mobile County National History Day Competition Winners

1st Place Individual Exhibit

Jazmyn Bettis



3rd Place Individual Documentary

Kayla Miller

1st Place Individual Documentary

Lily Hoyle



3rd Place Individual Performance

Emily Dickson

2nd Place Individual Performance

Bo Arendall

1st Place Individual Performance

Thomas Carmichael



3rd Place Individual Website

Parker James

1st Place Individual Website

Hannah Jones



3rd Place Group Exhibit

Sarah Mitchell and Jasmine Ngo

2nd Place Group Exhibit

Sean Givens and

Triston Buckley

1st Place Group Exhibit

Kellen Lincoln and

Kessia Gonzales



3rd Place Group Documentary

Cameron Knowles and Peter Sherman

1st Place Group Documentary

Ray Lambeth and

Hunter Holcomb



1st Place Group Performance

Alli Merryman,

Jazell Knight and

Delana Nassar



3rd Place Group Website

Braeden Dye and

Elias Jones

2nd Place Group Website

Advika Mahadevan and Ellis Dodson


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