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wag 5/20-24
Week At A Glance: May 20th-24th

Take a look at what we have going on this week at PPS!

Sat May 18 12:00 AM

wag 5/13-17
Week At A Glance: May 13-17

Take a look at what we have going on this week!

Tue May 14 08:14 AM

car tags
New Announcement Post

Parents and Sudents, do not throw away your car tags! They will be reused each year that your child attend PPS. During summer registration, our new families will be the only ones receiving a new tag. With that said, we have multiple people without tags, and this slows down the progress of a quick and efficient dismissal. The initial tags were provided free, but if you have lost your current tag, please contact Mrs. Miller for a replacement the cost is $10. In the meantime, PLEASE write your number large and bold on a sheet of paper, so we can keep carpool flowing. ALSO LET’S FINISH THE YEAR PICKING UP STUDENTS BY 2:45pm to avoid after school care fees! We have too many cars swinging through after 2:45, thank you!

Mon May 06 02:14 PM

wag 5/6-10
Week At A Glance: May 6-10

Take a look at what we have going on at PPS this week!

Mon May 06 02:13 PM

spring footbnal
Spring Football Game

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Tue Apr 30 11:28 AM

may menus
May Menus

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Tue Apr 30 11:27 AM

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