Learning Leading Award Winner

Learning Leading Award

Eighth grader Katie Bendolph has been selected as Phillips Preparatory’s Learning Today Leading Tomorrow Award Winner! Katie actively cultivates personal connections with her teachers and peers. She is a member of the National Junior Honor Society and is involved in numerous community projects. As a Girl Scout member, Katie participated in a veteran’s service project which entailed her going to homes of veterans and assisting with meals and cleaning. As a sixth grader, she participated in Coastal Cleanup and Apple Snail Roundup. As a seventh grader, she worked on a Campsite Cleanup project illustrating her commitment to environmental sustainability. As an eighth grader, she worked with the Southern Black Women Organization and completed an art project to honor health care workers during the pandemic.  Her artwork highlighted the sacrifice of health care workers and was posted at Mobile Infirmary Hospital. Katie is an academically focused and socially conscious student. Congratulations Katie!

Learning Leading