Bullying Prevention Week - Oct. 19th - Oct. 23rd


October 19th – 23rd is Bullying Prevention Week. Normally, we would complete these activities through our morning announcements, but this year we are going through subject areas.  Students may wear an orange shirt on Wednesday for Bullying Prevention Week.

Monday – Science
Science teachers will introduce Bullying Week to their students at the beginning of each period.  They will read the Monday announcement and then show the YouTube video (about 3 minutes).   

Tuesday – Social Studies
Social Studies teachers will read the Tuesday announcement and then show the Tuesday video.  Remind students they can wear an orange shirt on Wednesday.   

Wednesday – Language Arts
Wednesday announcement and Wednesday videos (there are two videos that are about 4 minutes total).  Students may wear an orange shirt on Wednesday for Bullying Prevention Week.

Thursday – Foreign Language
Thursday announcement and Thursday video (3 min).

Friday – Electives
Friday announcement and two videos (these are longer) and then have kids go to website to take pledge.  

PE will be showing a video from the District Attorney’s office that will be for an entire period one day (probably Monday).