United Way Student Campaign - January 29th

United Way

 Students are asked to participate in our annual United Way Drive in order to help individuals and families in need. Students who donate $5 may dress out of uniform on Friday January 29th. Students must adhere to the "Out of Uniform" policy  in their student handbook:

In the interest of avoiding clothing which could be disruptive to the educational climate at Phillips Preparatory School, the following items are not permitted during Spring Fling/Spirit Days/Out of Uniform Days:

 Miniskirts - any skirt more than three inches above the knee (measured the same as the uniform skirt) when worn at the natural waist

 Midriff tops

 Thigh-high tights and short skirts

 Shorts above the knee

 Jeans with holes in them or jeans that are too tight (as determined by the administration)

 See-through shirts, pants, or skirts

 Any blouse where the girl's bra is exposed (sleeveless or low cut blouses)

 Spaghetti strap shirts or sundresses

 Any shirt with advertisements for cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, obscene or suggestive slogans or pictures

“Sagging” pants-- Belts MUST be worn with jeans/pants

 Athletic pants/sweat/jogging pants

 Any shoes which do not provide adequate protection for the student’s feet in case of an accident (No tennis shoes with roller blades) 

United Way